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Founded in Edmonton, Canada and with over 15 years of field expertise, ONO came to fruition when we realized there was a gap in business consulting services in our industries that we were more than equipped to fill. So we set forth to do what any sensible group of experts would – combined our specialized experiences, knowledge, and networks to create a cluster of resources that will instantly allow our clients a boost that would otherwise take decades to build.


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In a world where information passes at the speed of light and customers and clients are often more aware than the businesses that serve them, we live in an era of a rat race. The trick is to think smarter, move faster, and action your plans wiser. But how do you know which next steps will keep you ahead of the competition without tripping you over? Could you do anything to change the path of the race, or even change the end goal to something no one will expect?



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Regardless of your industry, these are the types of questions we ask at ONO. We don’t just want to provide you business consulting service to keep you ahead of the game, we want to take you on a path with outcomes that no one else is even thinking of. Because the trick of the game isn’t to keep ahead of the competition, it’s to change the rules so that you leave your counterparts scratching their heads and wondering how you did what you did. The truth? You did it with us.